Other work

When engaged in the research and thematic development of a new body of work I tend to explore ideas through an eclectic approach to materials, techniques and processes. The experimental pieces produced may eventually become the beginnings of another series of experiments and ideas or may simply be resolved pieces in their own right. On other occasions, work is commissioned with a specific technique or process requested. Below is represented a selection of experimental pieces that evolved during the creation of work on the other gallery pages or was commissioned in that form.

'Relic' (2003)
Egg tempera on gesso panel
130 x 100 cm
Property of the City Council of Castel Bolognese, Italy

'Mothers and Country' (2003)
Mixed media on plaster print
52 x 44 cm
Property of Ermes Ricci, Photographer, Imola, Italy

'Glaze the dark eye that holds eternity' (2003)
Mixed media on plaster print
35 x 30 cm

Detail from a commission for Peter Botting, Eastbourne (2004)
Mixed media on canvas
75 x 100 cm

'Shaft' (2002)
Rust and mixed media on gesso panel. 105 x 148 cm
Shown in situ at 'Shampoo', Imola; property of 'Controluce', Imola, Italy

'Seam' (2002)
Rust and mixed media on gesso panel
52 x 44 cm
Property of Nicoletta Ermeti, Savignano (FC), Italy

'There was a window in Venice' (2001)
Acrylic on canvas
84 x 59 cm
Property of Ivana Giovannini, Imola, Italy

'There was a window in Venice' (2001)
Digital print on paper (archival ink)
89 x 60 cm

'There was a window in Venice' (2001)
Ink and mixed media on paper
42 x 29 cm
Property of Marie Teresa Pilla, Mestre, Italy

'What day was it, what moment was it?' (2003)
Acrylic on canvas
85 x 67 cm

'Annunciation' (2009)
Ink and mixed media on paper
6 x 6 inches

'The unwritten sheets and undelineated forms'
Mixed media on canvas
44 x 49 cm
Property of Alberto Dicati
Bagnara di Romagna, Italy

'Summer Beach'
Mixed media on canvas
14.2 x 14.2 cm.

Property of William Baravelli
Medicina, Bologna, Italy

'Luna Nera' (2001)
Etching (edition of 5)
22 x 15 cm

'Se il mio cuore spera' (2001)
Etching (edition of 5)
25 x 17 cm

'Boy' (2002)
Acrylic on canvas
108 x 61 cm


Artist's Books

'Tower' - A book made entirely from etched steel based upon the story of Tower Colliery in Wales.



'Poppies on the Wasteland' - A book made as a tribute to four Great Uncles who fought and died in The Great War